• Duitsland is verlamd door angst voor conflict met Rusland

    Het Duitse Ruslandbeleid stuit op onbegrip en irritatie in Oekraïne en bij de Europese en Amerikaanse bondgenoten. Even leek de

  • Germany-Russia: from 'strategic partnership' to alienation

    After the unification of Germany hopes were high that a new phase of cooperation between the Bundesrepublik and Russia would start. But in stead of the hoped for strategic partnership relations quickly soured. Why did the dreams not come true? Russia says the West is guilty as it refused the open hand offered. But according to analyst Hannes Adomeit Russia already during Yeltsin's reign refused cooperation as it didnot fit in to its security strategy.
    by Hannes Adomeit
  • A realistic German Ostpolitik is hampered by old illusions

    The new German foreign minister Heiko Maas created a stir by calling for a ‘new Ostpolitik’, aimed at making Russia respect again international rules. His remarks gave rise to a discussion about the Ostpolitik in the 1970s, what was right and what was wrong about it. According to Hannes Adomeit old misconceptions, fear for Russia and anti-Americanism hamper a new and realistic German approach.
  • Breuk in de Russisch-Duitse romance

    Amerika is het land waarmee Rusland zich wil meten. Maar Duitsland is het land dat er in Rusland meer toe doet. Ruim twee eeuwen waren Duitsers