• Surveys show: Ukrainians still rally around the flag

    Ukrainians are determined to withstand Russian terror and unwilling to make concessions. This is one of the outcomes of the annual opinion polls that are traditionally presented on the occasion of Ukrainian Independence Day, on the 24th of August. Whereas official celebrations had to be cancelled for the second year in a row, four reputable polling organizations show that pride in Ukrainian citizenship is at an unprecedented high.
    by Mykola Riabchuk
  • Life is depressingly lonely in Russia

    It is easy for us to condemn the Russians who remain silent about the war that their country wages in Ukraine. Nobody here understands the loneliness of Russians who are abhorred but isolated.
    by Maria Privalova
  • After 100 days: a war not won, a war not lost.

    After hundred days after the beginning of the invasion, the basic question in Russia's war against Ukraine remains: who will win?

  • A Russian soldiers' mother speaks out: ‘chaos like never before'

    The Russian war effort has turned out in chaos like we’ve never seen before, says Valentina Melnikova, who helps soldiers and

  • Ukraine war as seen from Central Asia

    The republics in Central Asia have reasons to be concerned about Putin’s war against Ukraine. They depend on Russia in various