• Is minister of Defense Shoigu applying for post-Putin?

    Minister of Defense Sergei Shoigu gave a lenghty interview in which he spoke about the reform of the army, the victories in Syria and Russia's successful defence against the West's hybrid warfare. According to our columnist Mark Galeotti, it looks like the application letter for the presidency after Putin's current term ends in 2024. But there are competitors.
  • Russian Army is Boosting Image and Influence

    During the wars in Afghanistan and Chechnya the Soviet Army was highly unpopular. Putin completely recreated the image of the military, and now Minister of Defense Shoigu is now the most popular person after Putin. Shoigu plans to build a huge Army Cathedral near Moscow. Andrei Soldatov writes about the growing political clout of the military, unheard of in the history of Russia.
  • 'With its cyber troops the Russian military has become political'

    On October 16 Andrei Soldatov held the second October Lecture of RaamopRusland. Research

  • Is there a Successor for Putin?

    While Putin's ratings since the pension reforms have gone down substantially it is the army that fills the gap. That is