• Lukashenka will be re-elected, but at what price?

    The social economic circumstances for the presidential elections in Belarus are extremely unfavourable for the authorities. Recession, decline in living standards and no reforms in sight, have caused popular protests and a wish for change. The risk of the regime falling, however, is still pretty low. Re-elected, a weakened president Lukashenka, may be forced to resort to increased Russian subsidies and thus severely limit the sovereignty of his country
    by Kamil Kłysiński
  • Hervormingsbereidheid onder Russen neemt toe

    Onder invloed van de economische crisis in Rusland neemt het verlangen naar politieke en economische hervormingen onder de Russen toe.  Uit

  • Russians getting poorer every month

    Despite official statements that the recession has ended, Russia's economic decline is in full swing. The reason: demand has