Sergey Lebedev


Sergey Lebedev is a Russian writer and journalist, who wrote four books about stalinism and its impact on Russia today.

Sergey Lebedev is born in Moscow in 1981. Since the age of fourteen, he worked eight seasons as a field worker in geologist expeditions at Far North of Russia and Central Asia, where the former Gulag-areas remained untouched since the camps were closed in the midst of sixties.

Later Lebedev became a journalist mainly focused on historical and educational issues. He also contributed as a criminal investigator and forensic correspondent.

All his four novels are dedicated to the theme of the soviet hidden past, to the impact of Stalin`s repressions and its consequences in a modern Russian life. The novels are written through the lens of the family's history.  Theze books are translated into German, English, French, Czech, Swedish and other European languages.

Bibliography of his translated novels.
Ovlivion, 2011
The Year of the Comet, 2013
People of August, 2016
Goose Fritz, 2018