Boris Akunin

A writer’s view on the history of Russia

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Wednesday 25 October 2017

20.00 hours


De Rode Hoed

Keizersgracht 102, 1015 CV Amsterdam

October 25 is the centennial of the Russian Revolution of 1917 that deeply influenced the course of Russian history.

On that occasion RaamopRusland invited the Russian bestselling author Boris Akunin to hold the first October Lecture. Akunin has written more than 60 historical novels, detectives and history books of which more than 30 million copies were sold in Russia alone. His books have been translated in English, German, Dutch and other languages.

Grigory Chkhartishvili a.k.a. Boris Akunin

The last five years Akunin, who lives in London, has been working on the series The history of the Russian state’, from 10th century Kievan Rus till post-communist Russia of Putin. His goal is to objectivate Russian history, which all too often has been hijacked by political ideology.

In Illusions of change he ponders on thousand years of Russian history, rife with revolutions that in his opinion did not demolish the essence of the Russian state.

Before the lecture slavicist, renowned translator and literary critic Arthur Langeveld will introduce Boris Akunin with a laudation.

After the lecture Boris Akunin will speak with the audience.

Kysia Hekster, former Moscow-correspondent of the public broadcaster NOS, will moderate the discussion.

Language: English.

Entrance: € 12,50 / Students, stadspas and 65+: € 9,50

On their tickets all visitors at the entrance will receive an exclusive booklet with a Dutch translation of an excerpt from Akunin's latest historical novel Счастливая Россия (Happy Russia, 2017).

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