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Ethnic Hungarians in Ukraine don't want to be Orbán's pawns 22 november 2023
Ukraine's fight against corruption is producing results 24 oktober 2023
Eggs, jackets and Amazon. Why the Ukrainian Minister of Defence was replaced  09 oktober 2023
After Putin, le deluge? Six scenarios 04 oktober 2023
Don't underestimate Russia's resilience 02 oktober 2023
Slovakia with Fico – if not friend, certainly not enemy of Ukraine 02 oktober 2023
How should Europe treat exiles from Russia? 28 september 2023
A tragic endgame in Karabakh 26 september 2023
Confrontation, not de-escalation will defeat Putin 25 september 2023
Kolomoisky arrest is 'key test' of Zelensky's anti-corruption campaign 18 september 2023
Partial success: Russia’s oil sector adapts to sanctions 30 augustus 2023
Surveys show: Ukrainians still rally around the flag 28 augustus 2023
Epitaph on a mafioso’s grave 28 augustus 2023
'Prigozhin considered himself indestructible' 25 augustus 2023
Ukraine struggles with punishment of collaborators 21 augustus 2023
Alexey Navalny: My fear and loathing 14 augustus 2023
A country of volunteers and activists. How civil society helps to withstand the war 31 juli 2023
As war crime suspect Putin is not welcome in South Africa 25 juli 2023
Assets in return for loyalty: Russia's economic redistribution in wartime 25 juli 2023
'It's you who are crazy' 21 juli 2023
Ukraine’s path to NATO membership has become shorter, but not faster 18 juli 2023
Kherson: life in a flooded city 17 juli 2023
Who was Prigozhin counting on to back his failed mutiny? 10 juli 2023
Not Germany or France but US main obstacle for Ukraine’s access to NATO 05 juli 2023
Ukrainian civil society appeals to NATO leaders ahead of summit 04 juli 2023
In memoriam poet Victoria Amelina: Diary of Silence 03 juli 2023
Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant is no Chernobyl but danger difficult to assess 03 juli 2023
Ukraine under immense pressure to win 'decisive' battle 20 juni 2023
UN: torture of Ukrainians by Russian armed forces systematic 20 juni 2023
Regional governors gain political weight as Putin remains silent 20 juni 2023
Zelensky calls Russian destruction of Dnipro dam 'ecocide' 07 juni 2023
‘The war was a mistake, but losing it is unacceptable’ 05 juni 2023
'It has become unsafe for everybody' 30 mei 2023
Thaw in Georgia-Russia relations risky for ruling party 24 mei 2023
Tough choices: Ukraine's offensive in 4 scenario's 22 mei 2023
Out of self-preservation Central Asian leaders show loyalty to Moscow 16 mei 2023
From May 9 to May 8: why Ukraine broke with Russia's Victory Day 10 mei 2023
Ukrainians in occupied territories forced to take Russian citizenship or leave 03 mei 2023
The Stalinist logic of Russia's political repressions 25 april 2023
Central Europe bans cheap Ukrainian grain 18 april 2023
In Russian captivity. Six circles of hell 17 april 2023
From digital paradise to digital Gulag 17 april 2023
How Russia robs Ukrainian owners from their companies 10 april 2023
Women in Russia’s army used as prostitutes 03 april 2023
Russian nuclear weapons to Belarus might annoy China 28 maart 2023
China can learn from Russia how to survive under sanctions 27 maart 2023
Arrest warrant for children's ombudswoman Maria Lvova-Belova 21 maart 2023
The mental decolonisation of Ukraine has reached a point of no return 14 maart 2023
Sanctions drove oligarkhs home to embrace Putin 13 maart 2023
No Donbas locals left, so Russians sent to the meat grinder 13 maart 2023
'Germany based its Russia-policy on hope, not on facts' 06 maart 2023
Putin’s neo-totalitarian project 06 maart 2023
Russian threat looms over Moldova 28 februari 2023
Is Russia shooting itself in the foot suspending New START Treaty? 28 februari 2023
One night in Bakhmut: waiting for the end 21 februari 2023
Russia's agression ended Ukrainian ambivalence 21 februari 2023
What could Ukraine have done to avoid the war? 20 februari 2023
Wagner group cemeteries growing across Russia 15 februari 2023
In 2023: no end to the war, no stalemate 08 februari 2023
Is Tatarstan eyeing decolonization? 06 februari 2023
Dismissals of corrupt officials to reassure Ukrainians and the West 06 februari 2023
It's not safe to be a Ukrainian in Russia 31 januari 2023
Why Russia’s exiles struggle to form a united opposition 23 januari 2023
Life is depressingly lonely in Russia 19 januari 2023
Armenia-Azerbaijan conflict shows Russia's weakened influence 17 januari 2023
How the West Can Help Ukraine: Three Strategies for Victory and Rebirth 16 januari 2023
Russia-experts start soul-searching after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine 09 januari 2023
Ukrainian forces retain initiative, but victory is far away 04 januari 2023
Zelensky's New Year speech to the Ukrainians 01 januari 2023
Petersburg bookshop fights without compromises 19 december 2022
What’s behind Putin’s appointment of Kudrin at Yandex? 12 december 2022
Kyiv Diary: 'Life is good. I am happy to be born in Ukraine' 12 december 2022
'Mr Putin, stop this madness immediately!' 06 december 2022
Will the death of a chief diplomat change anything in Belarus? 05 december 2022
Russia forced them to fight. Ukraine tried them for treason 22 november 2022
The alliance between Russia and Iran is deepening 21 november 2022
Peace talking versus peace making 14 november 2022
How to save Ukraine's economy from the war 14 november 2022
New commander, new goals for Russia in Ukraine 07 november 2022
Russia increases military presence in Belarus 31 oktober 2022
Russian elites unlikely to split 24 oktober 2022
Europe finds its unity in crisis 19 oktober 2022
The idea of a capable dictator is in jeopardy 18 oktober 2022
Russia’s elites are starting to admit the possibility of defeat 10 oktober 2022
End of the war no longer science fiction 04 oktober 2022
Why Russians don't march on Moscow 03 oktober 2022
Playing va banque is risky for Putin's regime 26 september 2022
Some legal advice to escape mobilisation 23 september 2022
Putin cannot sell defeat to his country 15 september 2022
How Russian invaders try to eradicate Ukrainian culture 13 september 2022
Local elections in Russia: a fight against despair 09 september 2022
Introduced: every Monday patriotic education in Russian schools 05 september 2022
Visaban for Russians: separate goats from sheep 24 augustus 2022
Kremlin struggles with 'referenda' in occupied Ukrainian land 22 augustus 2022
Russian army starts lacking soldiers 22 augustus 2022
Collective Responsibility and the Slide into the Totalitarian Past 18 augustus 2022
Russia's military grows afraid of the long war 08 augustus 2022
Russia's new textbook: holy war against the godless West 05 augustus 2022
First grain ship left Ukraine but agreements have limited succes 02 augustus 2022
Open quarrels in the elite foreboding of post-Putin period? 25 juli 2022
Old and New Ukrainian Paths to European Integration 19 juli 2022
Putin’s archaic war: how will Russia's outlawed professional class return? 27 juni 2022
Real Fascism to combat fake Nazism: Patrushev’s dreams of a warfighting Russia 06 juni 2022
Severodonetsk in ruins: 'We now have our own Mariupol' 31 mei 2022
Why Russia needs to be humiliated in Ukraine 30 mei 2022
Despite Doomsday predictions, Bulgaria proves there is life after Russian gas 25 mei 2022
An old Soviet tradition makes a comeback: the denunciation 22 mei 2022
Russian soldiers: 'We have no idea who we are fighting for' 18 mei 2022
'It is impossible for the system in Russia not to change' 16 mei 2022
Russia's elites are desperate about the war 10 mei 2022
'Brotherly’ genocide by your neighbour state 08 mei 2022
Zelenskyi’s spokesperson: soldier, actor, psychologist, propagandist 02 mei 2022
Russia's catastrophic geopolitics: Putin is late by a century 01 mei 2022
Time for the West to prepare for the long war 25 april 2022
Why Russia's elite went to war 19 april 2022
What is known about the deportation of Ukrainian citizens to Russia? 15 april 2022
'If Russia doesn't get success soon, it's going to be a stalemate' 11 april 2022
What is happening in Russian-occupied southern Ukraine? 05 april 2022
Will the 'European Dream' of Ukraine ever come true? 22 maart 2022
Putin’s last stand: how to lose a war simply by starting one 21 maart 2022
'In this city everyone is waiting for death' 21 maart 2022
Family ties break under the pressure of Russian propaganda 15 maart 2022
Massive offensive on Kyiv on its way 13 maart 2022
'The poorer people in Kherson are already starting to starve' 10 maart 2022
Ukraine’s occupied towns are facing a tough choice: collaborate or resist? 08 maart 2022
Pain, fear, shame – this is what I feel today 05 maart 2022
Sociologist Greg Yudin: 'We are living in a new era' 04 maart 2022
The war is a clash of the real world and Putin's imperial delirium 02 maart 2022
Sanctions on Russia are strong but not 'nuclear' 28 februari 2022
War of obsession: Why Putin is risking Russia’s future 28 februari 2022
'Open doors are good, but we need open answers!' 20 februari 2022
Can Ukraine really be invaded? 15 februari 2022
'Classic Censorship': Kremlin's next move against press freedom 08 februari 2022
What would a war with Ukraine mean for ordinary Russians? 07 februari 2022
Russia’s business elite silently fears cost of war 31 januari 2022
The power of keeping calm. Why Ukraine downplays Russian aggression 31 januari 2022
What Scenarios Might Emerge in Ukraine? 25 januari 2022
High noon in Ukraine: who blinks first 24 januari 2022
Ukraine’s army vastly improved but can't win from Russia 24 januari 2022
President Kazakhstan goes after business of Nazarbaev & co 17 januari 2022
Poroshenko returns to Kyiv to go to court for treason 17 januari 2022
Excluded from talks, Ukraine prepares to fight 11 januari 2022
'Peaceful Kazakh protests became violent due to criminal and Islamist elements' 10 januari 2022
Fools have no future in Russia 30 december 2021
Putin promises 'adequate military responses' 22 december 2021
How do Russians feel about a war with Ukraine? 20 december 2021
Ukraine crisis: a case study in modern Kremlinology 17 december 2021
Has Biden thrown Ukraine under the bus or averted war? 13 december 2021
'The free press is an antidote against tyranny' 13 december 2021
Electric power plant turned into spectacular House of Culture 06 december 2021
Moscow wants to limit Ukraine's sovereignty via Washington 30 november 2021
What Russia’s military movements could mean for Ukraine, Europe, and NATO 22 november 2021
Russian foreign policy is changing rapidly 22 november 2021
Glasgow: with no modernisation in sight Russia doomed to energy addiction 15 november 2021
Russia supports Lukashenka's migration war as long as it lasts 11 november 2021
Ukraine, Russia and the last empire in Europe 06 november 2021
Why are Russians largely indifferent to repression? 03 november 2021
What can we expect from Russia at Glasgow? 01 november 2021
Whistleblower on prison torture: 'I was always afraid of getting caught' 26 oktober 2021
Putin’s Labyrinth: Career Stagnation in Russia’s Corridors of Power 25 oktober 2021
The latest spat between Russia and NATO is symbolic, not significant 19 oktober 2021
As press freedom in Russia is strangled, Politkovskaya's fears have been realized 18 oktober 2021
Gas crisis shows: Europe's road to energy transition will be bumpy 14 oktober 2021
'Pro-Western' Georgia rapidly drifting towards illiberalism 12 oktober 2021
Navalny holds up a mirror to our own hypocrisy 06 oktober 2021
Pandora Papers expose secret wealth of Aliyev and Zelenskiy 04 oktober 2021
Russia after take-over in Afghanistan: has Moscow enough leverage over the Taliban? 04 oktober 2021
Oligarch sent thousands of employees 'stand-by' to Moscow for election rally 04 oktober 2021
Belarus as 'the next Crimea'? Highly unlikely 27 september 2021
Military drills of Zapad-2021: meant for Belarus or Ukraine? 27 september 2021
The elections serve the regime's legality, no more, no less 20 september 2021
Europe's gas markets hit turbulence - and eyes turn to Moscow 10 september 2021
Hello, I am a 'Foreign Agent' 30 augustus 2021
Can Lukashenko build an economy on bayonets? 27 augustus 2021
Why is Moscow so calm about the victory of the Taliban? 23 augustus 2021
Belarus and Russia: an ever closer union? 10 augustus 2021
Sergei Kovalyov was the heir of Andrei Sakharov 09 augustus 2021
New National Security Strategy is a paranoid’s charter 06 juli 2021
Endless registers are a backdoor to censorship 30 juni 2021
Politics will survive in Russia, somehow 28 juni 2021
Biden meets Putin: the return of diplomacy 21 juni 2021
Purges and professionals: the transformed Russian regime 14 juni 2021
Lukashenko in survival mode: an international problem 31 mei 2021
In declaring Navalny extremist, Russia has crossed a new Rubicon 31 mei 2021
‘We’re locked in with a psychopath’ 29 mei 2021
Could the West have saved Russia from itself? No. 25 mei 2021
Repression of Belarusian media will only further polarize society 24 mei 2021
Germany unlikely to join American pushback strategy towards Russia 18 mei 2021
Treason trial against Kremlin ally is trip wire for president Zelensky 18 mei 2021
Russia is an 'island', not ready for détente 17 mei 2021
Hacking controversy highlights Kremlin’s self-destructive approach 17 mei 2021
Kremlin's youth policy is outdated 10 mei 2021
The Great Turn in Putin’s Post-Post-Authoritarianism   05 mei 2021
Ukraine, Russia, and United States make use of Donbas tension 26 april 2021
After ban on Navalny's organisation as 'extremist' political life in Russia is dead 26 april 2021
Sticks and carrots in Biden’s Russia strategy 21 april 2021
Ukraine braces itself for war with Russia 18 april 2021
Why do ethnic minorities vote for Putin and his party? 13 april 2021
Will the young generation change Russia? 06 april 2021
No new mass protests in Belarus due to harsh repression 31 maart 2021

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