War economy

  • Sanctions drove oligarkhs home to embrace Putin

    Ownership of property has brought serfdom rather than freedom to the super-rich Russians: they thought they were part of the global jet set. Driven back to Russia because of the sanctions they now form the backbone of Putin's war economy. Is this wise or is division of the oligarkhs a better solution?
    by Vladislav Inozemtsev
  • Putin’s neo-totalitarian project

    Putin's former repressive authoritarianisme since the invasion of Ukraine has morphed into a new form of government: neo-totalitarianism. Public discourse is captured by warmongers, pluralism in the ruling elite is wiped out and the population is politically mobilised for a long war, based on a war economy.
    by Maria Domańska
  • Can the Russian military industrial complex recover the war losses fast enough?

    Russia’s military capabilities have suffered irreparable losses after four months of war. Is the military industrial complex in Russia ready to recover the lost weaponry fast enough? At the current rate of production of missiles only, it needs at least 10 years to make up for the losses.
    by Pavel Luzin