• Russian analysts see a changing attitude in the Kremlin’s reactions to crises in Belarus, Nagorno-Karabakh and Kyrgyzstan. In their view the Kremlin is becoming more pragmatic. German Russia expert Hannes Adomeit disagrees and argues that Russia just follows traditional imperial Russian (and Soviet) patterns of behaviour.
    by Hannes Adomeit
  • Vanaf 2008 zat het Kremlin er in Georgië, Oekraïne, Moldova en Syrië bovenop. De Russische invloedssfeer, de Roesski Mir,

  • For decades Russia and the West are looking for a ‘reset’ of their relations. To no avail. Who’s to blame? That’s the wrong

  • Dmitri Trenin of Carnegie Moscow offers a distorted picture of reality, argues Lilia Shevtsovain her contribution

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