• Ukraine struggles with punishment of collaborators

    As the war grinds on, Ukraine struggles with the punishment of collaborators in occupied territories. Some are plainly considered as traitors who actively helped the Russian enemy. Others just continued earning their bread.Jurists, parliamentarians and human rights activists hotly debate the law on collaboration.
    by Igor Burdyga
  • Russia forced them to fight. Ukraine tried them for treason

    Russia has forcibly mobilised tens of thousands in Ukraine’s occupied territories to fight. Ukraine persuades them to run, promising amnesty. But in reality many of them are tried for collaboration or treason after changing sides.
    by Kateryna Semchuk
  • Poroshenko returns to Kyiv to go to court for treason

    On January 17 former president Petro Poroshenko faces charges of 'high treason'. The indictment accuses him of 'criminal collusion' with politician and mediatycoon Medvedchuk, close to Putin. Zelensky hopes to boost his declining popularity.
    by Jadwiga Rogoza