• The Kremlin Crackdown.The end of the free press in Russia. In her October Lecture Galina Timchenko sheds light on the bumpy history of independent journalism in Russia and answers the question: are we returning to Soviet times? After the lecture there will be a debate with the Dutch publisher Derek Sauer, who for more than 30 years facilitated and funded independent media in Russia.
  • How to read Russia? Do we understand how the country is governed? Is Putin still the guarantee for stability? Will a young generation change and modernize Russia? How do Russians look at Europe and how do they look at the US? A livestream interview with the prominent political scientist Yekaterina Schulmann in Moscow. Go to the article and listen to the podcast.
  • Economist Sergei Guriev, who will hold the third RaamopRusland ‘October Lecture’ on October 16 in Amsterdam, recently gave an interview to one of Russia’s most popular vloggers, Yuri Dud. The vlogger is becoming more politically outspoken and supported the protest wave against election fraud this summer in Moscow.
    by Raam op Rusland
  • On October 16 Andrei Soldatov held the second October Lecture of RaamopRusland. Research

  • On the centennial of the October Revolution, on 25 October 2017, the bestselling author Boris Akunin, at the request of RaamopRusland, held the