Brexit, Trump, no-vote in Italy: 2016 shows that the tide has turned, says political analyst Fyodor Lukyanov. The exclusive leadership of the US has become a thing of the past. Europe has plunged into deep introspection. Russia skillfully used the blunders and mistakes of the West. The multipolar world order has returned: a new era is dawning. But does Russia have a plan of its own?

Trump als matrjosjkaThe new world order, what will it look like?

by Fyodor Lukyanov

It may still be a little early to draw end-of-the-year conclusions about international relations, although after some shocks everything seems to have calmed down by now and the main results seem clear. The world is entering into a new phase of development. Neither the results of the June referendum in Great Britain, nor the victory of Donald Trump in the American elections in November are the direct causes of these changes. They are just symptoms of the changes we are going through.

The model of an open and all-encompassing global structure under the leadership of the United States and its allies has become a thing of the past. Under pressure of their own citizens the ruling elites of leading countries are forced to turn their attention to domestic affairs - far too many neglected issues have piled up there. This is the beginning of a pause in external expansion, political, economic and ideological.

The tide has turned

Western expansion will not come to a complete halt, the West is not disappearing, but the drive to expand itself was from time immemorial one of its main characteristics. But the rush towards world dominance the West had launched after the Cold War had been mighty and dazzling in historical perspective; now the tide has turned.

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